Calling All Kinky Wedding Ideas

Man and woman holding hands, their wrists tied together with a ribbon

Dear Readers,

We interrupt our semi-regularly scheduled posting to bring you this special announcement: We got engaged! Vagabond popped the question in front of the speakeasy in Greenwich Village where we met for our first date three years ago, and Mimsy was overjoyed. On the walk home, the conversation turned kinky.


The Only Kinky Movies You’ll Ever Need to See

Scene from the movie Belle de Jour in which Catherine Deneuve's wrists are bound with rope while a man kisses her neck.
Belle de Jour

Originally posted on August 5, 2018; updated on January 5, 2019. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made via some of the links below (at no additional cost to you).

In recent years, there have been a slew of lists in mainstream media (usually timed with the release of yet another 50 Shades movie) identifying “the best BDSM movies” or movies that “do BDSM better than 50 Shades” (a pretty low bar, if you ask us). But do these roundups really represent the best kinky movies?


A Kinkster at a Swinger SEX Party

One fruit meant to symbolize a vagina surrounded by other arrangements of fruit and vegetables meant to resemble penises and testicles.

In the following true story, the names have been changed but the dicks are real.

“What exactly is a ‘fun’ swinger sex party to you? Sucked off 9 times and fucked by 14 people??” a friend texted me. I had just described my evening at a hotel swinger party, an experience that would be a fulfilling sexual adventure by many people’s standards.

“I think I’m just not a swinger,” I replied. (more…)

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