As a boy, I fantasized about bound women, and electrocuted myself with medical equipment, but I didn’t understand I was kinky until the end of my marriage. My first Internet date was at age 35 and landed me at a surreal BDSM yacht party. After years of “research and development” of BDSM and relationship styles, I discovered that I’m dominant, monogamous, and just a little bit of a masochist.

Never Fucking Satisfied (Or Vice Versa): A Kinkster at a Swinger Party


In the following true story, the names have been changed but the dicks are real.

“What exactly is a ‘fun’ swinger party to you? Sucked off 9 times and fucked by 14 people??” a friend texted me. I had just described my evening at a hotel swinger party, an experience which would be a fulfilling sexual adventure by many people’s standards.

“I think I’m just not a swinger.” (more…)

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