Bound Together
One couple’s insights into BDSM


Essential Rope Bondage Tips for Beginners

Woman's arms and upper body tied up with red and black rope
Photographer and rigger: Vagabond; model: Mimsy

When people ask for beginner rope bondage advice, the response is often that they should pay to join an advanced shibari tutorial website. While information on the intricacies of shibari and rope suspension may be useful for people who are farther along in their rope journey, this isn’t an accessible entry point for those who are just starting out. Here, we’ve collected some essential, user-friendly tips and tutorials for rope bondage beginners.


Bondage Rope Roundup


Originally published Dec. 5, 2018; updated Feb. 20, 2023

Multiple hanks of rope

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We fell in love with rope bondage at the beginning of our relationship, and it’s still a pivotal part of our play today. When you’re new to bondage, it can be overwhelming. What kind of rope should you buy? How do you decide? This guide is a breakdown of the pros and cons of the myriad types of rope on the market for bondage.


Roped into Love


A conversation about how we met and started doing rope bondage.

How we Met

Mimsy: When I met you, I had just ended a six-year vanilla relationship a few months before and had been on what one of my friends jokingly called the “fuck tour.” After some tantalizing experiences with kinky guys, the tour came to a screeching halt because I contracted genital HSV-1 and experienced an absolutely horrendous outbreak that left me gun-shy and nervous.

Bound Together
One couple’s insights into BDSM