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  • BDSM Events Page: An up-to-date listing of BDSM conventions and large-scale events across the U.S. and abroad.
  • BDSM Tip Sheet for Beginners: Invaluable advice by Lady Green and Jay Wiseman that anyone new to BDSM should keep in mind.
  • Bottoming Educators List: A compilation of bottoms throughout the U.S. and Canada who teach classes on various aspects of bottoming, such as CNC, impact, service, and negotiation. Must be a member of FetLife to view.
  • Deviant’s Dictionary: A dictionary of kink terminology put together by Sagacity, British Columbia’s longest running BDSM organization.
  • Different Loving: Based on interviews with hundreds of kinksters, authors Gloria and William Brame and Jon Jacobs take the reader on a guided tour of dozens of facets of BDSM. This book is an excellent resource for newbies and old hands alike.
  • Enough to Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation: In this excellent guide, the fabulous Princess Kali walks readers through all the ins and outs of humiliation and degradation. A must-read for novices and experts alike.
  • How to be a Happy and Healthy Submissive: In this essential guide for novice female submissives, Kate Kinsey covers all the ins and outs of submission and clearly separates fact from fiction. In her second book, What Submissives Want to Know: Real Questions, Real Answers, she gives advice to real-life subs.
  • Kink Academy: A comprehensive kink library of video tutorials on everything from negotiation and safer sex to rope bondage and pony play. Many of the tutorials are free, but members get access to all 2000+ videos. There are some great instructors, including Rain DeGrey, Orpheus Black, and Topologist.
  • Kink Aware Professionals Directory: A service provided by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom “dedicated to providing the community with a listing of psychotherapeutic, medical, legal and other professionals who have stated that they are knowledgeable about and sensitive to diverse expressions of sexuality.”
  • Kink Education Code of Conduct: This extremely thorough code of conduct was developed by and for kink educators and producers to address a “consent crisis in kink education.” The code also gives anyone who plans to attend a kink-related class or workshop a good idea of how responsible kink educators should behave. The site includes a list of educators who have adopted the code.
  • Kink Weekly: Weekly magazine filled with educational articles, photography, erotica, and reviews related to BDSM.
  • (K)ink: Writing While Deviant: An ongoing series of personal essays from the Rumpus by writers exploring how their art is connected to their kinky practices.
  • The Loving Dominant: This influential book teaches new tops how to explore BDSM with all five senses.
  • Music: The link takes you to our Spotify playlist for kinky fun. Our music taste leans toward sexy, lush, and dreamy. Enjoy!
  • The Pleasure’s All Mine: The Memoir of a Professional Submissive: Given the abundance of pro domme memoirs, this personal account from the other side of the slash by Joan Kelly is a breath of fresh air.
  • Rain DeGrey: Advice, articles, and more about kink, relationships, and sex from former model and pro domme turned educator and writer Rain DeGrey.
  • Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: One of our favorites, this classic and charming book by Molly Devon and Philip Miller imparts realistic wisdom about BDSM, and D/s in particular, based on the authors’ decades of experience. Although the book is especially useful for people in a male dom/female sub dynamic, the information is pertinent to anyone looking to engage in BDSM.
  • Slut, Ph.D.: “Sex advice and opinions for the 21st century” from a kinky sociologist. Her post on the “8 Most Misunderstood Things About BDSM” is one of our favorites.
  • Thinking Kink: The Collision of BDSM, Feminism and Popular Culture: This book by Catherine Scott examines the portrayal of BDSM in books, TV shows, movies, and music through a feminist lens.
  • The Toybag Guide to Playing with Taboo: This slim volume by Mollena Williams explores some kinks that are considered to be taboo even within the BDSM community (e.g., religion, race play, bodily fluids, etc.) and what to consider if you want to venture into this territory.

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