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  • Esther Perel: Renowned couples therapist Perel has written and talked about desire, erotic intelligence, and relationships for decades. Her podcast, “Where Should We Begin?” allows listeners to be a fly on the wall during therapy sessions with real couples with intimacy issues.
  • OMGYes: This unique website devoted to increasing women’s pleasure includes interviews with women about what gets them off in which they demonstrate on their own vulvas (in a non porny way). This is coupled with scientific information about women’s pleasure based on research conducted in partnership with the Kinsey Institute as well as simulations in which you get to practice the techniques shown on digital models of these real women’s vulvas as they give you feedback. It’s an excellent tool for women who want to get to know their own bodies better as well as for partners. A one-time fee for each season grants you permanent access. Season 1 focuses primarily on clitoral and vulvar stimulation, and season 2 focuses more on penetration.

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