Killing Eve: Season 3


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Unfortunately, the D/s themes that were so prominent in seasons 1 and 2 of Killing Eve are far more muted in season 3—except for a phenomenal scene in the third episode (spoiler alert).

In this season, Eve reluctantly gets roped back into pursuing the Twelve, the secret organization Villanelle works for as an assassin. She and Villanelle don’t cross paths until the third episode, but it’s worth the wait. Eve is minding her own business on a bus when Villanelle suddenly appears in front of her. They immediately begin fighting—slapping, screaming, and hurling each other from seat to seat. You almost wonder if this is a dream of Eve’s, but it isn’t. At one point, Villanelle pins Eve under her and they kiss right before Eve head butts her. Villanelle eventually gets off the bus, and Eve goes to work disheveled and stunned. There is no clear winner.

In some ways, this scene sets the stage for switchy power dynamics, but that thread isn’t pulled through the rest of the season consistently until the season finale. Eve and Villanelle dance together and tellingly can’t decide who’s leading. Later, they try to part ways for good, but fail, instead solidifying a romantic bond born out of a bizarre mutual understanding. Villanelle says to Eve, “I think my monster encourages your monster.” At that point, it’s not clear who has the upper hand. We’ll have to wait until season 4 to find out.

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