Does Food Change the Way Vaginas Taste or Smell?


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We’ve all heard that eating certain foods or sticking to particular diets can change the way vaginas taste and smell, but is there any truth to this?

The short answer is no, food does not change the way vaginas taste or smell. As renowned gynecologist Jen Gunter explains so well, vaginal smell/taste is largely dictated by the vagina’s natural bacteria, and food does not impact this bacteria. It’s also impossible to change the sugar levels in the vagina by eating certain foods because its natural sugars come from skin cells. While some foods do affect the smell of urine, such as asparagus and garlic, this has to do with the way these foods are metabolized. The vagina doesn’t metabolize anything, and it doesn’t filter waste. As Gunter says, “there are no bad or good foods, as far as the vagina is concerned.”

Should you eat a healthy diet? Yes, but not because you think it’s going to make your vagina smell or taste better. Unless you have an infection, your vagina smells and tastes normal, and there’s no reason to try to change it.

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