Bound Together
One couple’s insights into BDSM

Resources: Rope (List)

Required Reading

Refer to Rope Study’s Reducing Risk to learn about bondage safety, nerves and circulation, and more.

  • Better Bondage for Every Body: This book by Evie Vane is actually a collection of essays by bondage experts from around the world. Chapters focus on bondage for curvy bottoms, male bottoms, older bottoms, bottoms with special physical conditions, and more. There are also chapters devoted to stretching and anatomy.
  • Complete Shibari: This series by Douglas Kent uses a clever “paint-by-numbers” shorthand to break the most complex ties into simple recipes.
  • Consent and Negotiations: Detailed resource on all the ins and outs of consent by Shibari Study. While it’s geared toward rope bondage, much of it is applicable to BDSM as a whole.
  • Foundations of Rope Bondage: A Fun and Friendly Introduction to Rope Fundamentals: The renowned bondage instructor TheDuchy details everything you need to know about basic rope ties and techniques in this guide that’s chock full of instructional photos.
  • The History & Myths of Japanese Bondage: Midori dismantles the traditional Western story about the history of shibari, noting that “investing in a romantic but false narrative of a culture and its people is another form of “othering.”
  • The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage: The famed Shibari instructor Midori explains step by step how to tie a number of beautiful Japanese bondage poses. She also provides helpful background information about the history of Shibari, rope selection, and other related topics.
  • Tying & Flying: Bondage for Self-Suspension: This is a thorough and fantastic guide to self-suspension—and the only one on the market that we know of—by Shay Tiziano, a master of the art.
Tutorials (listed in order of complexity)
  • Two Knotty Boys: This oldie but goodie is a well-organized single page of must-know ties to get you started. The free video tutorials don’t include voice-over, but the TKB show the steps of each tie clearly.
  • Twisted Monk: Twisted Monk’s free videos use spoken instruction and focus on ties that can be learned quickly by a beginner. As an added bonus, they sometimes include the fabulous rope artist Midori.
  • Crash Restraint: This site is a free progressive rope learning class which goes into detail on the hows and whys of equipment and ties. The site is moderately well maintained, but some of the more advanced ties have missing videos.
  • The Duchy: This extensive and colorful site provides both illustrated step-by-step instructions and well-made videos, some of which are free. A serious downside is that most of the videos don’t include a live model, and none include a bottom’s perspective.
  • Self-Suspension: Even if you’re a rigger who never bottoms, you can learn indispensable lessons from the excellent Shay Tiziano’s free videos.
  • Shibari Study: Gorgone and other instructors use their world-class shibari artistry to teach a series of beautiful floor and suspension ties that pay particular attention to the comfort of the rope bottom. Available with a subscription.
  • Bruce Esinem: This is the most comprehensive set of (expensive) Japanese-style rope tutorials available.
Rope bottoming resources
  • Better Bottoming: Vetting, Skills and Safety Tips for Rope Bondage: In this video, Evie Lupine covers how to interview prospective rope tops, red flags to watch for, and the importance of doing your own research as a bottom.
  • The Rope Bottom Guide: This free downloadable guide with photos covers basic safety for rope bottoms, including how to vet riggers and how to mitigate nerve damage. Available in multiple languages.
  • Rope bottoming educators: Comprehensive list of rope bottoming instructors, mostly in the U.S. Must be a member of FetLife to access the link.
  • Rope bottoms’ share group: An online discussion group run by and for rope bottoms (or switches who wish to participate as bottoms). The main purpose of the group is to support one another as rope bottoms and vet tops. Must be a member of FetLife to access the link.
  • Somatics for Rope Bottoms: This book by rope bottom and sexological bodyworker Natasha NawaTaNeko teaches rope bottoms how to become more aware of their bodies in rope to foster better communication, safety, and overall rope bondage experiences.
ROPE Sellers
  • Agreeable Agony: Sells more than just rope, but we especially love their MFP rope, which is available in numerous colors.
  • RebornRopes: We love their bamboo rope, but they also sell jute and hemp.
  • Twisted Monk: Sells great quality rope of all types. You can even order a sampler that includes short pieces of a variety of rope types so you can see how they feel before buying the real thing.
Bound Together
One couple’s insights into BDSM