Perspectives from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)
BIPOC BDSM Educators 
  • BlakSyn: A queer pro top, rigger, and BDSM educator who writes about the intersection of race, mental health, and BDSM, among other topics.
  • Eternal Angel: A pro domme and BDSM educator specializing in mental health in BDSM, edge play, and more. Her videos on Kink Academy focus on rough body play. 
  • Midori: Highly experienced sexuality and BDSM educator who teaches and writes on a range of topics, including female domination, rope, and humiliation. Author of The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage, among other books. We attended a rope class she taught a number of years ago that included a riveting demo that we still talk about today.  
  • Mollena Williams: Renowned BDSM educator, author, and slave who is a thought leader on race play and power exchange dynamics, among other things.   
  • Orpheus Black: Dominant specializing in knife play, flogging, and other aspects of BDSM, which are covered in his videos on Kink Academy. We attended a flogging class he taught at a convention, and it was by far the best class we went to there.
  • Robin Wilson-Beattie: Disability and sexuality health educator with a number of videos on Kink Academy related to BDSM and disability.

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